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To Eat

Eating and I have a complicated relationship. On one hand, I enjoy tasty, wholesome food. On the other hand, I also enjoy tempting, unwholesome food. I know, intellectually that wholesome food is the smart choice, and that it is actually … Continue reading

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Cat And Coffee Time

The calm of this Sunday morning is comforting as I ease into consciousness. I sit on the porch step waiting for “Orange”, the cat who is here nearly every morning for his snack and early human companionship. I wonder if … Continue reading

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Tea Time

I had to wrap up a few items of unfinished business before getting to today’s blog post. If I was British, I’d probably say it’s already tea time so I could pull back and appreciate my surroundings. However, I’m an … Continue reading

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Instant Coffee

My friend Jorge knocked on the door and interrupted my investigation of today’s topic.  When he saw that I was researching instant coffee, my pal flashed me a knowing grin.  Jorge has been an instant coffee user since childhood.  Although … Continue reading

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It’s Coffee Day

I unwrapped the birthday gift as my boyfriend watched in anticipation of a happy reaction.  Voile’!  I was now the proud owner of a Melitta coffee roaster.  I next unwrapped a smaller package and discovered a packet of raw coffee … Continue reading

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International Coffee Day

I’ve brought out the coffee press today so I can serve up some extra special brew. My stash of Java is ready for the grinder, too. Java strikes my fancy because the blend of Robusta and Arabica types of beans is “playful” on … Continue reading

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