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Season’s Greetings 2021

It’s easy to believe that we’re supposed to conform to the holiday season norms. Of course, we really are not obligated to do so. This is one reason why I prefer to use the phrases “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings”. … Continue reading

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World Day Of Metta

You might glance at the title of today’s post and feel puzzled about the word “metta”. A thumbnail definition for Western readers is helpful. The word “metta” is a Pali language term that roughly translates to positive energy and kindness … Continue reading

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Happy Rice Month

My step-mom was born and raised in rural Thailand.  That means she grew up in the heart of rice culture.  When Tippy wasn’t in school, she was involved, one way or another, with the family’s rice paddy.  Not only could Tippy grow rice, … Continue reading

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Pi Approximation Day

It just goes on and on and on forever. The world’s most famous mathematical constant is π or pi.  π is an irrational number, that is, its digits randomly repeat infinately. π denotes the relationship between the circumference of a … Continue reading

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