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It’s not uncommon to hear people yearn common sense. In many instances, this desire is understandable because the usual manner of thinking and performing actions allows us to get along and work together socially. On the other hand, it is … Continue reading

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Good Sense

Jonathan asked why I sometimes use the term, common sense and at other times I use the phrase, good sense. He always believed they were synonymous, yet had some doubts. I complimented my friend on having the good sense to wonder about … Continue reading

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Uncommon Sense

One of my old guru’s most memorable mind-bytes was his advice that we should have uncommon sense. He prefaced that by saying he was not making an error in speech; the teacher knew about common sense. What did he mean … Continue reading

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Pondering Common Sense

We frequently hear and read about how wonderful common sense is. The problem is, that the concept of common sense is very ambiguous. There is no singular focus of what defines common sense. Your ideas about common sense are probably … Continue reading

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Ivan’s Common Sense

My late, great-uncle Ivan was the embodiment of common sense. His actions were rooted in accepting the obvious reality of situations, then behaving pragmatically. Ivan was very fond of gardening. His entire back yard in Sunnyvale, California was basically a … Continue reading

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The American Crisis

If you think the title of this post relates to the condition of the United States these days, you’re only partly correct.  It seems to me that America has often weathered severe tests of will. Somehow the U.S. has come … Continue reading

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