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Defamatory Intent

Law school libraries are filled with shelves of books regarding libel and slander.  The two main types of defamation have been debated and studied by legal experts and scholars. I cannot even begin to claim that I know the intricacies … Continue reading

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Learn From Lei Feng Day

For many years, one of my fascinations has been propaganda.  Whether it’s in the form of commercial advertising, news reports, or outright government communiques and visual art.  Some of the most blatant and striking has been generated by the various … Continue reading

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The USSR Is Formed

I’m not quite sure why some of us are drawn like moths to flames when it comes to our attraction to dangerous ideas and places.  If I were to travel to Russia as a tourist today, I would likely either … Continue reading

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Stalin’s Curse (Review)

I’m often asked why I enjoy studying history so much.  I frequently answer the question by saying that I really love great stories.  What more compelling and thrilling tales can be found than are the accounts of events and people … Continue reading

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