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A Few Thoughts About Competition

Conflict and competition are inevitable in humans from childhood onwards. This is just an aspect of our biological nature. Competition may arise in the form of sibling rivalry, or conflict among pupils in the classroom. Competition for higher grades and … Continue reading

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The Underdog

I’ve been wondering about successful people who like to call themselves underdogs. Is this some sort of psychological trick they pull on themselves to encourage further success or do they lay claim to being underdogs as public relations fiction? In … Continue reading

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Cooperative Efforts

“There are billions of people on this little planet of ours–isn’t it miraculous that we haven’t blown ourselves up already?” That’s what my friend Jonathan asked after the radio newscast ended and the station’s music resumed. “I mean there are … Continue reading

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A lot of people I visit have been feeling as if the world is spinning into a chaotic state. There’s a sense that what little control we have over events is flying away quickly.  There seems to be an abundance of people … Continue reading

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