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Why Whine?

Today’s commemoration is the one that makes me cringe. Today is National Whining Day. The unofficial holiday is difficult to write about without sounding whiny myself. So I’ll try and make my point without too much tap dancing around the … Continue reading

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Whiner’s Day

Happy Whiner’s Day or should I say, Unhappy Whiner’s Day? Choose the one you prefer. Today we “celebrate” the complainers who gripe annoyingly about things we find trivial and unimportant. Just the act of writing about Whiner’s Day places me … Continue reading

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When I glanced at my arcane holidays calendar notebook, I knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to address National Whiners’ Day without doing some whining, myself. To whine about whining is like whining about Black Friday.  Both “observances” … Continue reading

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