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To Simplify One’s Life

As I typed a comment to a post on Facebook, the Opera browser went into full screen mode. I was not able to exit the resized display. The palm of a hand or a thumb must have accidentally contacted the … Continue reading

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Simple Accents …Floral Friday

To paraphrase one of my former art teachers: simplicity is not the absence of complexity, such lack is often the consequence of simplicity. Simplicity is the result of essential ingredients regarding the purpose and place of an artifact. The lack … Continue reading

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The sky was a pure, turquoise blue except where the Sun ruled the eternal dome. A soybean field that spread out over several acres, completed the visual effects. A chorus of meadowlarks trilled to provide the soundtrack for the composition. … Continue reading

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Complexity …Floral Friday

The balance between simplicity and complexity often determines whether or not objects are pleasing to the eye. If the item is too spare, it may appear boring. If there are too many complications, it may appear cluttered. Experimentation with this balance … Continue reading

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Why does simplicity sometimes seem so complicated? That was the question my guru asked during a lecture back in the late 1970s. It’s a question that still lingers in the dark corners of my mind. Perhaps it is a question … Continue reading

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I really get a kick out of the opening scenes in the “Wallace And Gromit” claymation short features.  The Rube Goldberg Machines that start the stories are hilarious and delightful. Jorge had never seen any of the films, so I … Continue reading

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