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Deutsche Kommunikation

A mental switch clicked on the moment I realized I was thinking in German. It happened after I had completed studying for a quiz for the high school German language class. It was a sophomore level elective course that I … Continue reading

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After the conclusion of the violin concerto, the public radio announcer back-announced the piece by Antonio Vivaldi. The announcer confessed that Vivaldi is one of his favorite composers. He said that Vivaldi’s effulgence was manifested in his numerous compositions for … Continue reading

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Careful Hearing

Earl Nightingale briefly mentioned a mental attitude that he dubbed “emotional deafness”.  The statement was made during a compilation talk I found on an old audio cassette that Jorge loaned me.  The two-tape set was titled “Interpersonal Communication and Relationships”, … Continue reading

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Inspirational Comprehension

Now and then, intuition or some brain process, flashes a fresh understanding of a word or situation into my mind. I may have only had a rough, dictionary definition of the scenario before the palpable, three-dimensional understanding is instantly revealed. I call these moments, … Continue reading

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