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Being Present

The thoughts I have while I tap out these words are already history. One might say that one’s life consists entirely of memory. Even the one present moment that is so difficult to grasp. According to clinical, scientific researchers, our … Continue reading

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One of the most helpful attributes we can develop is focus. The person who has her/his mind made up make sure that nothing will get in the way. Such people use their intellectual and physical prowess to achieve their goals. … Continue reading

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At times, it seems as if I have too many irons in the fire. These are not major projects, but some that have been on my mind for a year or so. Most of them regard the little house I … Continue reading

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In Meditation

The thin haze slightly obscures the gleaming street lights along the avenue. The stale odor of a garbage bin briefly accents the early morning mist that otherwise smells like a damp, musty basement. My running shoes have trapped a few … Continue reading

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Know More, Live Less

You may see the title of this post and believe the words should be in a different order. Perhaps you’ve heard or read the old maxim, “Think less, live more”. Those of us who are over-thinkers have come to appreciate … Continue reading

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I think there is an individual threshold regarding multitasking for each person. Some folks seem to be excellent multitaskers such as jugglers who simultaneously juggle knives, tell jokes, and ride unicycles. Most of the rest of us are better at … Continue reading

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I finally broke down and replaced my old, obsolete tablet. All it had become good for was as a home for a gallery of photos. There were no relevant apps that worked well anymore. Meanwhile, the new tablet contains many … Continue reading

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