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To Meditate

“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”–Voltaire I have often wondered about the types of meditation Voltaire may have practiced. His insights about human awareness and consciousness hint that he more than dabbled in … Continue reading

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Inner Illumination

My former guru cautioned his students to remain skeptical of their own enlightenment because it could very well be just another ego trip. Indeed, if a particular state of mind is judged to be high on an hierarchical scale of … Continue reading

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Sweet Silence

As I wait for the coffee to brew and the old laptop to boot up I look out the north window. There is a light fog made yellowish blue from the street lights. The ground and the sky appear to … Continue reading

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Inner Space

So many of us humans concern ourselves with altering the lives of other humans. We invest time in forming alliances and social institutions and rules to control people. Of course history has shown that when people are forced to conform … Continue reading

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Thoughts Involving Yama

On my 28th birthday, many years ago, a simple card arrived from my guru.  He wished me well and reminded me to contemplate Yama.  The previous year, he had given a talk about Yama, one of the Tibetan wrathful deities … Continue reading

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Insects buzzed and clicked in the heat of the early afternoon.  A semi-truck grumbled and interrupted the peace, as it climbed the hilly highway in the distance. The boy gazed into the sky from his safe perch on top of … Continue reading

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March Ikebana …Floral Friday

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve devoted project time to contemplating formal shape and Ikebana. There has also been an enticing variety of containers waiting for the peaceful afternoon. It all finally came together yesterday. The small, pure … Continue reading

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