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Contemporary Stylings …Floral Friday

All three of today’s Floral Friday projects are both contemporary and impulsive. I wanted to express a modern flair with contemporary vases. The projects needed to arise at the spur of the moment. They were assembled while music from Jean-Michel … Continue reading

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Simply Clean …Floral Friday

Clean, simplicity is a quality to admire. This concept has morphed into a personal craving during the early summer, this year. Maybe it’s is due, in part, because of the clutter of major current events and general feelings of frustration … Continue reading

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February Avant-Garde …Floral Friday

This week has been about extending boundaries into my personal frontier. In other words experimentation in style beyond what is usually conventional for me. What might not be conventionally pleasing? What might cross over into the Avant-Garde? The light green … Continue reading

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Improvisation Today …Floral Friday

Although I had just listened to some jazz improv , I switched off the radio in order to create today’s offerings in silence. Evidently, the music still inspired the three projects. A sturdy, tall, multicolored vase provides the necessary weight needed … Continue reading

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Steel Blue …Floral Friday

Late spring means a shift towards more heat and humidity. This often creates a craving for cool and brisk. Although I cannot alter the outdoors weather, I can change some of the indoor visuals. I like the icy appearance of polished … Continue reading

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It’s The Container …Floral Friday

I came across a real find the other day.  It’s a woven, wicker basket shaped like a flying duck.  Now I’ve seen plenty of flower baskets, but never one quite like this. I brought it home thinking about today’s Floral … Continue reading

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