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Keep On Keeping On

We are living under highly unusual circumstances these days. This environment can leave us feeling down and out. It’s easy to begin doubting ourselves and our ability to spring back from adversity. At times, it seems as if we’re being … Continue reading

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Cooperative Efforts

“There are billions of people on this little planet of ours–isn’t it miraculous that we haven’t blown ourselves up already?” That’s what my friend Jonathan asked after the radio newscast ended and the station’s music resumed. “I mean there are … Continue reading

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Feel The Synergy

When I hear somebody say she can feel the energy, I think she is noticing the people and environment around her are harmonious. Sometimes I pick up on that harmony. Then I voicelessly say to myself, “Feel the synergy”. That’s … Continue reading

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To Cooperate

Sometimes when I notice that I’ve been a little haughty, the metaphor of “dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants” comes to mind. This saying seems to be more effective than the expression, “too big for your britches”, because something … Continue reading

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Going One On One

If you listen to the announcers during basketball game broadcasts, you’ve probably heard the term “one on one defense” used frequently throughout the contest.  It’s an apt description of what happens when an individual defensive player guards the opposing team’s … Continue reading

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Cooperation: An Op-Ed

Cooperation is a broad, thorny subject.  We instinctively know that with goodwill and sincerity, people are able to work together to accomplish goals that benefit everyone concerned.  One of the biggest problems is that of arriving at a place of … Continue reading

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Careful Hearing

Earl Nightingale briefly mentioned a mental attitude that he dubbed “emotional deafness”.  The statement was made during a compilation talk I found on an old audio cassette that Jorge loaned me.  The two-tape set was titled “Interpersonal Communication and Relationships”, … Continue reading

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