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Today is 9/20/20 as written out in the U.S. date abbreviation format. The 20/20 immediately stands out in my mind and I shudder at the reminder about this being the year 2020. This has been a nightmare of a year … Continue reading

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I’m actually in a pretty good mood right now. I’ve had enough sleep. The early morning weather is nearly perfect. The coffee turned out beautifully. Yet I’m sitting here with grumpiness on my mind. Actually, yesterday is when I chose … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Healing

I noticed my throat felt slightly raspy last night. Of course, Covid 19 immediately came to mind. I learned hypochondria from my parents so I interpret physical symptoms to mean dire consequences by default. I’m mindful of the suffering mom, … Continue reading

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There is plenty for us to do in order to restore some sense of harmony in our public lives. The ongoing problems associated with Covid 19 will continue for quite some time. We also have had to deal with the … Continue reading

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