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September Experiments …Floral Friday

Instead of the usual three Friday projects, this week, we have four. The reason is that once I got started, there was some extra momentum to use up. I like when that happens. I fired up some Mozart on the … Continue reading

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Create Something

I dreamt that I had invented and marketed a portable solar window adapter. It was a two part device so that it could be used on two windows at once. It terminated with an electrical outlet so the user could … Continue reading

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With Passion

“Men are rather reasoning than reasonable animals, for the most part governed by the impulse of passion.”–Alexander Hamilton I happened upon the above quote while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. It was instantly relate-able not only to social media culture, … Continue reading

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Human Spirit

“Is human spirit what makes the ‘lights come on’ or is it what happens after the ‘lights come on’”? My friend Jonathan asked the question during our reunion this past weekend. My answer was that human spirit is what happens … Continue reading

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Express Yourself

We’ve heard of people holding back information in order to avoid hurting another person’s feelings or, more seriously, to avoid incriminating oneself. These lies of omission obscure the expression of truth. Lies of omission are a common feature in society, … Continue reading

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Budding Intuition

Sometimes I feel all fidgety but not nervous. When that happens, I pick up a vase and contemplate its shapes, coloration, and material. Frequently, this puts me in the mood to create an arrangement for that particular container. I go … Continue reading

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Such A Messy Desk

Somebody, somewhere once said, “The state of the desk tells a lot about the owner’s mind.” If that is true, I need to do a lot of mental decluttering. Right now, my desk is a combination work-space and comfortable cocoon. … Continue reading

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