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Contemplating Crime

The atmospheric skip was favorable, so my multi-band ghetto blaster managed to receive a shortwave radio station broadcasting from New Zealand. I listened intently as the signal repeatedly faded out and back in. The “RNZ Pacific” announcer was interviewing a … Continue reading

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Jacob’s Freedom

I feel all jazzed up and patriotic after this weekend’s Independence Day celebrations. There were over the top proclamations of freedom seemingly every time I turned around. As we begin a new work week in the wake of freedom-selling, this … Continue reading

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So Much Fraud

While visiting with my friend Jorge this past weekend, the subject of pyramid schemes came up. Apparently his cousin Rosa got taken in by a confidence scheme. In Rosa’s case, she was not taken in by a confidence-man, she was … Continue reading

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My friend Jorge had a very close call with a fraudster last month. His phone rang during a nap so Jorge’s mental state was groggy and not at its usual savviness . It was one of those robocalls. The pre-recorded … Continue reading

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Unnerving Boot Prints

Early Thursday morning began in a typical way, two weeks ago. One of the friendlier neighborhood stray cats scratched at the back screen door to get my attention. It was time for his daily petting session. I grabbed a small … Continue reading

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Prevent Crime

A couple of weeks ago a Facebook update caught my attention.  On the page for our county’s “exchange”, I scrolled through and found that someone was eliciting sympathy for two friends he referred to as “my favorite peeps”. His story … Continue reading

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Wave At Surveillance

Last month, I attended a funeral at one of the area Baptist churches.  In my peripheral vision, I noticed one of those small black domes found in department stores, attached to the ceiling of the sanctuary.  While waiting for the … Continue reading

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