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If you follow current events, it’s hard to avoid frequently seeing video clips of the domestic terrorist assault on the U.S. Capitol Building. It’s apparent that radical political and religious movements attract firebrands and thugs who enjoy mayhem. Their tactics … Continue reading

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Coarse And Reckless, OpEd

If you enjoyed the old Warner Brothers cartoons on television when you were a kid, you may remember watching the misadventures of Pepe Le Pew–the frisky skunk who spoke with a French accent. His character gag consisted of cluelessness, hedonism, … Continue reading

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Schemes And Scams

This past weekend, I received a phone call from a person who claimed to be an Internal Revenue Service agent. She claimed that the government had refunded $200 too much income tax return money. The caller asked if I had … Continue reading

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Contemplating Crime

The atmospheric skip was favorable, so my multi-band ghetto blaster managed to receive a shortwave radio station broadcasting from New Zealand. I listened intently as the signal repeatedly faded out and back in. The “RNZ Pacific” announcer was interviewing a … Continue reading

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Jacob’s Freedom

I feel all jazzed up and patriotic after this weekend’s Independence Day celebrations. There were over the top proclamations of freedom seemingly every time I turned around. As we begin a new work week in the wake of freedom-selling, this … Continue reading

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So Much Fraud

While visiting with my friend Jorge this past weekend, the subject of pyramid schemes came up. Apparently his cousin Rosa got taken in by a confidence scheme. In Rosa’s case, she was not taken in by a confidence-man, she was … Continue reading

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My friend Jorge had a very close call with a fraudster last month. His phone rang during a nap so Jorge’s mental state was groggy and not at its usual savviness . It was one of those robocalls. The pre-recorded … Continue reading

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