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The topic of censoriousness is one of those subjects wherein a person can easily become hypercritical. When does pointing out character flaws cross the line from being critical to being censorious? This is a topic that requires plenty of “walking … Continue reading

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To Think

Shortly after booting up the laptop this morning, its software began a “critical update”. This was unusual and unexpected, so my mind was thrown for a loop. My morning routine had been interrupted. My thoughts had been shifted away from … Continue reading

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It’s Tempting To Be A Curmudgeon

A lot of us like to let off steam by griping and otherwise talking like a curmudgeon. At our strongest moments, we resist that urge. During our most frustrating moments, we may give in. Since today is National Curmudgeon Day, … Continue reading

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During much of my life, I’ve ironically criticised the United States as being a nation of critics.  I’ve also realized the hypocrisy of thinking and saying this. But all of us are hypocrites from time to time, just because we’re humans. … Continue reading

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