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Cruelty Burnout

Simply skimming the news headlines reveals inhumane acts of cruelty inflicted by humans upon each other. These acts are not of recent invention; only the easy, speedy communication about them is a contemporary phenomenon. One’s eventual conclusion might be to … Continue reading

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Harsh And Inflexible

They are like the fragments of eggshell overlooked when preparing an omelet. They interrupt the pleasure of living. We’ve all met and known at least one person who is rude to others and nearly impossible to impress. On a good … Continue reading

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Contemplating Kindness Again

Have you noticed that there is a difference between being nice and being kind? Once you are aware of the two concepts, it’s hard to unknow it. The two are often equated because there is some overlap. Being nice is … Continue reading

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Being Kind To Animals

Due to the fact that human beings are members of the Animal Kingdom, it has always made sense to me that it is best to be kind to animals. I’ve never seen the supposed sharp boundary line that separates us … Continue reading

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Such Cruelty

It’s a very rare individual who has not been the target or witness of cruelty. This evil act and state of mind has infected human relationships since time immemorial. Our history, literature, psychology, and human relationships have dealt with it … Continue reading

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So Much Meanness Today (commentary)

A little bit of morning crankiness, I can understand.  If someone is still a bit sleepy or doesn’t feel quite right, there will be some obstinancy.  But that usually goes away after some breakfast or coffee. However, chronic meanness seems … Continue reading

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