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The body was feverish. The throat felt parched. Perspiration drenched the face, stung the eyes and smeared my eyeglasses. The absence of even the slightest of breezes brought out my worst feelings of aversion about┬ásummertime. It was time to take … Continue reading

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Lawn Mowing Visions

The task of mowing my yard takes a long time to complete. Besides mindfully guiding the mower back and forth to avoid missing swaths of plant growth, there’s not much else for me to do but think. Oddly enough, mowing … Continue reading

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Spacing Out

The talk drones on and on. The presentation is not as interesting as you had hoped. You don’t notice when it first happens, but you’re bored by the speaker and are spacing out. We’ve all been in this figurative outer … Continue reading

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