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“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”–Leonardo da Vinci It’s common for us humans to deceive ourselves and others. We do so as a misguided trick for self-preservation or as an attempt to elevate ourselves in the … Continue reading

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Scratch Below The Surface

One of the best pieces of advice we receive from good teachers and parents is that we should scratch below the surface; you never know what you might find. By looking beyond superficial appearances, we’ve undertaken an investigation and have … Continue reading

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While queued in line to pay for groceries yesterday, I couldn’t help but hear a father lecture his pre-teen son. Apparently, the boy had experienced some sort of run-in regarding theft among his group of friends. The boy mentioned that … Continue reading

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Opportunism Knocks

While skimming the news headlines of the day yesterday, the word “opportunists” popped into my mind. I then wondered how it came to be that we have so often allowed individuals who have demonstrated a conscious will to take advantage … Continue reading

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The email subject line simply announced, “Bamboozle”. At first, I thought the email might be yet another rant about the ongoing political controversy enveloping Washington D.C. and the rest of the nation these days. I decided to open the email anyway.  It … Continue reading

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