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On Second Thought

A year ago, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase my house. I mulled over the pros and cons. At first, I thought it would be smart to turn down the offer and find a newer place to live. … Continue reading

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On Thanksgiving last year, I took a calculated risk and drove the ol’ Camry through a moderate snow storm in order to celebrate the holiday with my sister. The further I drove, the weather conditions became more severe. Before long, … Continue reading

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Even people who seem to be living an adapted, conventional, settled way of life, harbor desires and dreams that they believe they cannot show to others.  From time to time they long to say farewell to their normal life and … Continue reading

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The United States, and the rest of the World seem to be in a state of suspension about some major issues.  This state of affairs is reflected in many of our individual lives.  Very important decisions and actions urgently need to … Continue reading

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