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You are investigating a particular aspect of a certain subject and have experimented, read about, and discussed that aspect with others. You feel confident that you have uncovered facts and reasonably objective truths about this concept. You feel more qualified … Continue reading

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I decided to write a short post about my opinions regarding decisiveness. The decision happened almost instinctively yesterday morning while I scanned my daily calendar. It’s not that I’m a famously decisive person by nature. I can dither and hem … Continue reading

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Lucid Decisions

I looked around for familiar landmarks in a part of town I’d never seen before. It was an old, rundown neighborhood near the south city limits. Weathered, decrepit houses and abandoned farmsteads could be seen in the distance. A large … Continue reading

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The radio station news reader presented the usual drizzle of sad, frustrating stories about the current state of the world. Another story about negotiations regarding coronavirus relief legislation on The Hill mentioned yet another politically motivated impasse in the discussions. … Continue reading

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On Second Thought

In cases of second thoughts, there is no one, single, iron-clad rule. There is a case against impulsive decision making and a case against indecisiveness. The problem with this conundrum is that we usually understand whether a decision was made … Continue reading

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The mattress on my bed saw better days a long time ago. It really needs to be recycled and replaced. I have failed to buy a new mattress because it’s difficult to choose between the large selection of mattress types, … Continue reading

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Even people who seem to be living an adapted, conventional, settled way of life, harbor desires and dreams that they believe they cannot show to others.  From time to time they long to say farewell to their normal life and … Continue reading

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