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Energy is a popular noun in today’s society. In its physical sense, energy is the power obtained from chemical and physical resources. We use this energy when we switch on a lamp, cook food, or change the temperature of a … Continue reading

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About Desire

Much of the world finds itself in the midst of holiday shopping season. It’s that time of the year when desire for material goods is cultivated and greatly encouraged. No, I’m not going to argue against desire for nice stuff … Continue reading

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To Endure

One of the acquaintances I knew when I used to go to the gym each day, had competed in the “Hawaii Ironman Triathlon” and finished in the top ten. He once showed me the ring he earned from the event. … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

This year, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day falls on a Sunday. This is an ideal opportunity to practice, perform, or otherwise engage with our talents. I use the plural form of talent because all of us have more than one. … Continue reading

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About Desperation

The day before St. Valentine’s Day is informally celebrated as Desperation Day. This “holiday” is mainly reserved for people who are unpartnered and are unhappy about that situation because they desire a date for Valentine’s Day. The reason for having … Continue reading

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The Internet click-bait quiz says that my dislike of fish says that I love to have fun, enjoy festive parties, and am very outgoing. Internet quizzes are ubiquitous on Facebook. This particular quiz was titled “What Your Least Favorite Foods … Continue reading

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Does Goodness Require An Incentive?

This morning, I leafed through a small square book of quotes that a friend gave me many years ago. I stopped at an unremarkable, yet meaningful anonymous saying. The page contained only this, “Doing good may not get you accolades … Continue reading

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