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“Nowadays men lead lives of noisy desperation.”–James Thurber I like how Thurber substituted the word “noisy” for the word “quiet” when paraphrasing Henry David Thoreau. Thurber commented on life in the 20th century while Thoreau commented on life in the … Continue reading

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About Desperation

The day before St. Valentine’s Day is informally celebrated as Desperation Day. This “holiday” is mainly reserved for people who are unpartnered and are unhappy about that situation because they desire a date for Valentine’s Day. The reason for having … Continue reading

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It’s Desperation Day

Face it, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You might be one of many thousands of people who don’t have a date or a mate for the special day.  Some people panic at this realization.   What happened? Did they procrastinate?  Are they socially awkward?  … Continue reading

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