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Idea Swapping

Two weeks ago, I mentioned briefly in this blog that I had been searching for an errant, missing battery charger for one of my inexpensive pocket cameras. I searched high and low for the thing with no luck. This Tuesday, … Continue reading

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In Dialogue

Today’s post about dialogue dovetails with yesterday’s meanderings about civility. This is because civility is largely dependent upon fair, honest communication. In discussions about social norms, policy, and so on, all affected parties need to have a say and to … Continue reading

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The Perfect Life

The question came out of the blue from Jorge during a quiet spell last week. “I’m not asking this as a mere conversation starter: If you could choose the perfect life, would you choose the life you have now?” That’s … Continue reading

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“We are a society of scolds and that’s not good.” The older lady told me this as her opening gambit to begin a conversation at the coffee shop last week. I had been sipping coffee, daydreaming, and half-listening to a … Continue reading

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