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In Moderation (OpEd)

I had two slices of pizza for breakfast. I very rarely eat pizza in the morning. This morning, however, it was a reward for not eating the whole ten-inch pizza I baked for yesterday’s lunch. This is part of an … Continue reading

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A Vegetarian Of 50 Years

2016 is the personal 50th anniversary year of me becoming a vegetarian. I was a young teen when the decision was made to do this, even if I had to defy my parents.  I dropped many hints for a few months … Continue reading

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Vegan For January?

The desire to adopt a vegan diet has been in the back of my mind for several years.  I’ve never followed through, because it is difficult to maintain such a lifestyle where I live.  A large part of the local … Continue reading

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This Is National Vegetarian Month

For some 48 years, I’ve endured the interrogation of well-meaning(?) relatives and friends about my vegetarian lifestyle. The questions ranged from the politely curious to outright hostile: How do you get your protein? Don’t you ever crave a nice juicy steak? How can … Continue reading

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My Diets

Most of us don’t really give much thought about the particulars of our food.  Oh sure, we might think about food when we feel hunger pangs, or look at the bathroom scale and think about how we need to limit … Continue reading

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