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Thoughts About Tact

When we were young children, most of us probably did not understand the basics about tact nor even its meaning. Parents and other adults generally made allowances for this lacking out of understanding and tact. Eventually, most children do learn … Continue reading

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During our stroll through the neighborhood Sunday afternoon, Jorge pointed out an old Dodge Diplomat at the edge of a concrete parking lot. We both commented that those cars used to be as common as dirt. Jorge added that one … Continue reading

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With Respect

“These days, trouble is, people just don’t respect the environment anymore.” This is what one woman said to another woman at the public library yesterday. I had been relaxing in one of the library’s upholstered chairs, leafing through a couple … Continue reading

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“We are a society of scolds and that’s not good.” The older lady told me this as her opening gambit to begin a conversation at the coffee shop last week. I had been sipping coffee, daydreaming, and half-listening to a … Continue reading

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