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More Thoughts About Civility

“Oh, if only Congress could pass a law that encourages civility in our country!” That’s what my young friend Jonathan exclaimed when I reminded him that May is National Civility Awareness Month. I couldn’t help but reply that one of … Continue reading

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Apologies offered and received timely and sincerely are vital ingredients in relationships. Without the process of apology, hurts and trespasses fester and can manifest as hatred, resentment, and revenge. Apologies given and received enable rapprochement. Rapprochement is especially important in … Continue reading

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Civil Discourse Needed (OpEd)

Sometimes we might feel that getting a controversial point across to someone else in a heated conversation is like explaining trigonometry to a five-year-old.  No matter how many graphs, equations, appeals to reason, or practical descriptions one offers, your words … Continue reading

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