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Pondering Self-Control

There is a world of difference between using punishment to control someone and using self-control to enhance oneself. The first is coercive and the latter is voluntary. This is a touchy matter when we consider how much legislation is necessary … Continue reading

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One of my former art teachers, Mrs. Frey, liked to say “sticktoitiveness” when doing individual coaching among her students. For instance, my acrylic paintings always looked far too dark, even those that depicted daytime scenes. It was never my intent … Continue reading

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Routine can be boring or helpful according to its context. When we think about routine days it might be in regards to everyday tasks we must perform out of obligation. Routine can be helpful and not necessarily boring when applied … Continue reading

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In Alignment

Occasionally I feel inspired to begin a new project or try something unfamiliar. Oftentimes I charge blindly into it, fueled on the fumes of compulsivity. After awhile, I lose steam because the project becomes uninteresting either because I find no … Continue reading

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Such Vitality

My great-uncle Ivan liked to say that ideas are useless if you don’t do something with them. He said he had seen only a precious few people who came up with good ideas and followed through with the drive and … Continue reading

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Thinking About Security

Dad has always been a worrier and the dullness of the nursing home environment provides plenty of opportunities for his mind to indulge in worst case scenarios.  Most of his worries have centered around issues of security.  Now that I’ve … Continue reading

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Monkey Mind

As I sat down to write today’s post, I realized my coffee had become cold.  While warming it in the microwave, I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I couldn’t find the apricot jam, so I had … Continue reading

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