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Like millions of others, I yearn for the day when society can resume some semblance of peacefulness. The protracted struggles between various political and religious factions do nothing constructive for humanity and the world. One would hope that since we’re … Continue reading

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A Civil Society

The across the street neighbor and I were discussing current events and what we would do if we were in charge of things. Chuck quipped, “If everyone practiced civility, there wouldn’t be much wrong with the world.” I agreed that … Continue reading

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Feel The Synergy

When I hear somebody say she can feel the energy, I think she is noticing the people and environment around her are harmonious. Sometimes I pick up on that harmony. Then I voicelessly say to myself, “Feel the synergy”. That’s … Continue reading

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Renaissance Of The Heart

Doesn’t the state of the nation feel a bit “off” lately? (The nation could be any country, but I’m thinking specifically about the United States of America.) The feeling reminds me of when you feel slightly queasy in the gut … Continue reading

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