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The surface of the Earth, natural phenomena, humans, and other living beings possess various characteristics and traits that exist along a spectrum. There is no rational reason to disagree with this observation. However, there is some discomfort with portions of … Continue reading

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On Diversity Month 2022

The committee who selected April as Diversity Month apparently made a smart choice–at least by outward appearances. April in the Northern Hemisphere is all about the bursting forth of variety. Plants are budding, birds abound, and people spend more time … Continue reading

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Construct The Wide Road

While stuck in rush-hour traffic in Omaha the other day, I remembered some advice taught by one of my old gurus. “Whatever you intend to do, you should pave the road wide enough so that everyone is capable of traveling … Continue reading

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Vive La Différence!

While discussing the merits and demerits of being vegetarian versus veganism, my vegan friend Kyle noted that both his and my lifestyles are motivated by the desire to be compassionate towards animals. He reiterated that vegans go one step further … Continue reading

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“We have an admirable commitment to diversity and inclusion.” The quote is boilerplate and has a feel good quality about it. The quote is passive and largely meaningless. It papers over possible flaws in actual inclusion. Variations of the quote have … Continue reading

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The old guru told the gathering, “There is such a multiplicity of things in the world that we sometimes become enraptured in wonderment.” His Dharma talk expounded upon the importance of diversity in the world and in human society. He … Continue reading

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Vive La Différence

Several times during my adolescence I remember hearing teachers and advisors warn students about conformity. While it is wise to obey laws such as those for highway traffic and business transactions, it’s not always smart to play follow the leader. … Continue reading

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