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The Biological Clock

The dream was uplifting and happy; and it seemed to have lasted the entire night. Upon awakening, I checked the smart watch’s sleep app to determine how much REM sleep I’d had because that type of sleep provides our most … Continue reading

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In the dream, I was queued with my friends waiting to be seated at a formal dinner that was being hosted by a royal person of ambiguous status. Our group was soon seated at a very elegant table set with … Continue reading

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The steady rumbling of distant thunder awakened me too early in the morning. I stumbled into the living room to retrieve my phone in order to check NOAA weather radar. It revealed a couple of non-severe thunderstorms approaching town from … Continue reading

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Jonathan was driving his blue 1966 Chevy Impala and I was sitting in the passenger seat. I braced myself by grabbing the dashboard in front of me as I watched Jonathan steer the car off of the highway. We bounced … Continue reading

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To Dream

The snow fell in large clumps and was stuck onto all the surfaces along the path. The wet precipitation seemed to be the source of great happiness and serenity. As I glided above the snowy surface I felt increasingly greater … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a pretty laid-back day for me.  My mood was mellow, and I had a mild desire to take a nap. My thoughts were soon drawn to my sister’s cat, Random Kitty.  I sometimes wonder if he has a … Continue reading

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Off To Dreamland

I was in the middle of a guided tour of New York City with Charlie Brown this morning, when everything turned for the worse.  We had just finished riding through Midtown Manhattan on our blue, ten-speed bikes when we decided … Continue reading

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