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Me, Driving

I’m guessing that the teenaged versions of most of us could barely wait to acquire our driver’s licences. Fourteen-year-old me requently lost sleep by imagining myself behind the wheel of an actual automobile. Fifteen-year-old me was at the county courthouse … Continue reading

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Narrow Roads

While cruising to Omaha on the smooth two-lane highway, I decided to listen to a vintage Kraftwerk song. In my opinion, there has never been a better song for driving than “Autobahn”–the long version. The road, the lovely weather, and … Continue reading

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Something About Road Maps

My car was manufactured before dashboard data screens were invented.  It’s an entry-level sedan that is a basic, no-nonsense vehicle that always takes me where I need to go.  I never bothered to buy an aftermarket GPS gadget, because I have … Continue reading

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Single Tasking

The act of juggling two or more tasks at the same time obtained its own name a few years ago–multi-tasking.  We became proud of how many tasks we could do at one time.  Multi-tasking was greatly encouraged by business managers in their … Continue reading

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Older Driver’s Safety

One spring day in 2011 dad and I sat down to have “the talk” about his driving.  Throughout his life he had been a very careful driver and had been in no traffic accidents.  At one time, dad even received … Continue reading

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