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The word, dull is an example of onomatopoeia–it sounds like what it is. Dull is blunt not sharp. A knife that needs sharpening is unsuitable for slicing soft cheese. There’s also emotional dullness. If you spent July and August as … Continue reading

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Dull is an ideophone or a word that when spoken, sounds like what it means. This occurred to me this morning after awakening. I sat at the edge of the bed and still felt mentally out of it. The word … Continue reading

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Stick In The Mud

A year or so ago at the gym, a fellow member was chatting me up, looking to become more familiar with my personal points of view on some of the hot button, wedge issues of the day. I steadied myself … Continue reading

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The early morning air felt close and warm inside my little house.  I sipped some coffee to help shake the mental cobwebs from my mind.  There was a foggy overcast outdoors.  I decided to sit with the hazy conditions for … Continue reading

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I think I can safely say that everyone has experienced boredom. It’s one of those states of mind that is universal to the human experience. I think that even many other creatures get bored sometimes. We feel an empty lack … Continue reading

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