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Well, we’ve made it past Thanksgiving and Black Friday–two days when we are encouraged to feel and behave in particular ways. On Thanksgiving, we’re expected to gather in family groups and display thankfulness whether or not we feel grateful. On … Continue reading

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The word, dull is an example of onomatopoeia–it sounds like what it is. Dull is blunt not sharp. A knife that needs sharpening is unsuitable for slicing soft cheese. There’s also emotional dullness. If you spent July and August as … Continue reading

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Dull is an ideophone or a word that when spoken, sounds like what it means. This occurred to me this morning after awakening. I sat at the edge of the bed and still felt mentally out of it. The word … Continue reading

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Stick In The Mud

A year or so ago at the gym, a fellow member was chatting me up, looking to become more familiar with my personal points of view on some of the hot button, wedge issues of the day. I steadied myself … Continue reading

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The early morning air felt close and warm inside my little house.  I sipped some coffee to help shake the mental cobwebs from my mind.  There was a foggy overcast outdoors.  I decided to sit with the hazy conditions for … Continue reading

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I think I can safely say that everyone has experienced boredom. It’s one of those states of mind that is universal to the human experience. I think that even many other creatures get bored sometimes. We feel an empty lack … Continue reading

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