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Earth Day Recycling …Floral Friday

In the spirit of Earth Day conservation, I decided to revamp and reuse a few vases for today. Keeping conservation further in mind, the faux flowers have been dusted and rinsed to restore and cleanse them. The tall, grey, mid-century, … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day To You

I’m old enough to remember the very first Earth Day. In fact, it happened the same year as my high school graduation. 1970 was a time of cultural unrest and many of us young people were pushing the envelopes in … Continue reading

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Equinox Earth Day

One of the nifty things about Earth Day, is that there are two of them.  I like to celebrate both.  Today is the first Earth Day of the year, Equinox Earth Day, or some folks call it Equinoctial Earth Day.  … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day 2013

I’m hoping today will be less about happy talk with continued greenwashing and more about getting our hands dirty. Today is Earth Day across the world.  It the time to refocus and direct our consolidated efforts to the enormous challenges … Continue reading

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