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To Eat

Eating and I have a complicated relationship. On one hand, I enjoy tasty, wholesome food. On the other hand, I also enjoy tempting, unwholesome food. I know, intellectually that wholesome food is the smart choice, and that it is actually … Continue reading

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Reminiscing About Meals

There are a lot of books, websites, and experts we can consult regarding the types of food we should consume for optimal health. What is less common are words about regular, everyday meals. Certainly, there are countless pages regarding┬áholiday meals, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Consuming Food

Regardless of who we are, no matter what our station in life we are consumers of food. I know that this is an obvious statement. It’s also a fact that we rarely ponder. Breathing air, drinking water, and consuming food … Continue reading

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The Sensational Raisin

There’s a simple exercise that was brought to light by the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh and the Zen teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn called the “Raisin Meditation”. It’s basically a mindfulness exercise. I like the Raisin Meditation because it’s capable of … Continue reading

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