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The Love Of Learning

My friend José asked if I had ever considered becoming a school teacher. I replied that I once seriously thought of doing so, but after much analysis and brainstorming, decided against it. José said he had given public education serious … Continue reading

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Developing Skills

The folks in my small friends-circle love to keep up with the times by exploring beyond our knowledge and skill levels. We enjoy reading books, and Web pages aimed at DIYers. We enjoy documentaries and educational videos. You might say … Continue reading

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The sky was overcast with thin, almost white stratus clouds. This helped to create a bland weather condition. It was not cheerful nor gloomy. It just made the day seem blah. It provided a setting for Max’s funeral that he would … Continue reading

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Educate Yourself

A common meme on social media goes something like this: “Education is irrelevant. Who needs to know anything about polynomial equations?” It has become fashionable in some circles to deride education and specifically public education. Many of the complaints are … Continue reading

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Seeking Knowledge

I’ve sometimes wondered about mathematics and science teachers. They have acquired the knowledge and skills to do difficult things that have great commercial and practical value, yet they work as underpaid public school teachers. Yesterday, I thought about the algebra … Continue reading

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It’s Ally Week

One of my college student friends reminded me yesterday that this week is GLSEN’s Ally Week. Gloria said this is a very special week for her because she remains an active member of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network group … Continue reading

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It’s Self-University Week

Nearly every time our family dropped by to visit grandma and grandpa Johnson, grandpa was engrossed in reading. Most of the time it was a non-fiction book about a topic of current interest or a technical book about something he … Continue reading

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