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Pushing The Envelope

During a lull in our conversation, I smiled at Jorge in a mischievous way and asked, “So, have you read any good books lately?” “As a matter of fact, I finally got around to reading that biography of Elon Musk … Continue reading

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The Treaty Of 1967

The question, “Who owns Outer Space?” seems absurd, on the face of it.  I mean, Outer Space is that seemingly infinite place, of which we are but the tiniest speck. Only the most arrogant of nations and people could ever … Continue reading

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Elon Musk (Review)

To say that Elon Musk pushes the envelope is to greatly understate the man’s accomplishments. The business titan with the odd name is changing the paradigm of innovation. These days companies come out with underwhelming new apps, style changes, and … Continue reading

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Mars Up Close (Review)

As Autumn settles into Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, I find myself wanting to spend more quality time doing some armchair exploration, but not so much by the glow of a digital screen.   One of the best ways to do that is with a … Continue reading

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