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Be Kind To Humankind Week

While observing construction workers going about their tasks on the river front urban renewal improvement project near my home, some philosophical thoughts passed through my brain. First and foremost was the fact that one day all of us have a … Continue reading

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Loving Kindness

“If we share a slice of bread and margarine–that’s kindness. If we share a slice of bread and homemade jam–that’s loving kindness.” Great aunt Emma sometimes said this whenever she served snacks to children. Her little saying meant a lot … Continue reading

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I feel quite fortunate to live in a neighborhood where many of us know each other as either acquaintances or friends. My across the street neighbor Chuck is one of those type of people who rush to help out people … Continue reading

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Through Others’ Eyes

Ever since a young age, I’ve loved reading historical novels and non-fiction about olden times. The accounts written by people who actually experienced the events in the books are the most captivating of all. I feel as if those books … Continue reading

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The Lesson Triggered By The Tray

As the process of decluttering, downsizing and general cleaning continued this week, I reflected upon a truism: “Possessions are generally diminished by possession.” I had just finished washing and carefully drying a vintage Mikasa food tray. The ornate plate is … Continue reading

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Listening To Others

One of the most wise recommendations is, that it behooves us to listen to others. Doing so is one of the most basic ways to connect to other people. Sincerely paying attention and comprehending other people’s communication might be the … Continue reading

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The old guru told the gathering, “There is such a multiplicity of things in the world that we sometimes become enraptured in wonderment.” His Dharma talk expounded upon the importance of diversity in the world and in human society. He … Continue reading

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