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Cooperative Efforts

“There are billions of people on this little planet of ours–isn’t it miraculous that we haven’t blown ourselves up already?” That’s what my friend Jonathan asked after the radio newscast ended and the station’s music resumed. “I mean there are … Continue reading

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Keeping America More Beautiful

Now that spring has settled into Nebraska for awhile, we see trees budding, flowers blooming, and discarded beverage containers. In the winter, there are much fewer empty bottles and cans on the vacant lot next door. This is due to … Continue reading

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This Is Water Quality Month

Last week I heard a rumor that there was a contaminant present in my town’s drinking water and that Norfolkans should take precautions to purify what is used for drinking and cooking.  I phoned the city offices and found out … Continue reading

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Too Much?

I tagged along with Jorge a few months ago as he ran a few errands and paid a couple of social calls on acquaintances.  One of the stops was at a stylish duplex to visit a kind, elderly lady.  Upon … Continue reading

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