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Good Manners (Review)

I discovered that September is National Courtesy Month while I was piecing together this book review. One one hand, I’m glad there is some sort of commemoration for courtesy and civil behavior. On the other hand, I’m sorry that courtesy and civil behavior are … Continue reading

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Emily Post’s Advice To Digital Denizens (Review)

One of the books I wish I had written myself addresses the foibles of getting along in our fast-changing digital world.  I spotted that book at the Norfolk Public Library and brought it home the other day. Emily Post’s Manners In A Digital … Continue reading

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So Much Meanness Today (commentary)

A little bit of morning crankiness, I can understand.  If someone is still a bit sleepy or doesn’t feel quite right, there will be some obstinancy.  But that usually goes away after some breakfast or coffee. However, chronic meanness seems … Continue reading

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