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Considering Oxymora

I enjoy the fact that the word oxymoron is, itself, an oxymoron. Its two Greek root words are the adjectives oskús {sharp} and morōs {dull}. We use oxymorons to cast doubt as to the rationality of claims or as a … Continue reading

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Herding Cats

“Organizing Democrats is like herding cats.” The first time I remember hearing the cat herding idiom was when I was a volunteer at the Robert Kennedy for President campaign way back in 1968. The state organizing manager explained his prior … Continue reading

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Boyfriend announced that he was zonked so he didn’t want to drive anywhere. Could I drive him on an errand? Of course, I’d help him out. The previous afternoon’s warm sultry conditions had made BF drowsy, so he’d taken a … Continue reading

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Old Words

Yesterday while my friend Andy and I discussed our favorite author, Mark Twain, our conversation wandered into the topic of old and obsolete words. This happened, in part, due to the fact that Twain was a master wordsmith. Much of … Continue reading

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Even though the United States Constitution does not allow for royalty such as kings and queens, this area has had monarchs since long before the arrival of conquerors and imperialists from Europe. These ancient monarchs were probably labeled to honor … Continue reading

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Those Things Called Words

The mind does peculiar things during meditation.  Yesterday my monkey mind veered off onto the subject of words.  Specifically, a visual image of a childhood toy popped into play.  It was a round, red plastic thing about the size of a 33 … Continue reading

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