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Post-Modern Ideas …Floral Friday

For today’s projects, I chose tall vases constructed of various materials. My intent was to fill them in unconventional, contemporary arrangements. I wanted to push the boundaries only slightly. The end results ended up somewhere between avant garde and post-modern. … Continue reading

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Existential Blues

The classroom was filled with college students for my lecture about existentialism. I felt their rapt attention to every word. Before the end of the talk, a freckle-faced young man wearing a knitted beanie interrupted my speech by asking if … Continue reading

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Absurdity Day

I arrived at a decrepit, aging warehouse, in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, on a brilliantly sunny morning.  Just inside the entrance was a modern waiting room, filled with lush, hanging ferns and several potted palm trees. I walked up to the … Continue reading

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Why Smart People Hurt (Review)

The habit of checking out self-help books is a hard one to break, but I’ve cut back considerably the past few years. I didn’t realize I slipped and brought home another one until I sat down to read my latest gleanings from the … Continue reading

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Wisdom From Viktor Frankl

While rereading Dr. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, I wondered why nobody had thought to make his birthday an official holiday.  Certainly there are commemorations that honor the memory of the Holocaust and the millions of victims.  But a Victor … Continue reading

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Challenged By Nietzsche

My personal investigations of Friedrich Nietzsche’s works have been enlightening yet somehow frightening. My first sample of Nietzsche was a reading assignment for a college German class.  We were to read a chapter from Also Sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für … Continue reading

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Have you ever encountered a situation or felt an emotional sensation that outwardly seemed to be unnecessarily complicated and making no sense, not quite nightmarish, and unnervingly twisted?  The sensation leaves you feeling strangely unsettled and slightly empty inside.  You … Continue reading

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