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Try Something Else

We go through certain stages or times in our lives when circumstance requires us to rebuild aspects of our lifestyle or even start all over again from scratch. Although we don’t always choose when these times will occur, we do … Continue reading

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This Week’s Experiments …Floral Friday

Now that the seasons have changed, I feet like expressing the shifting moods of this time of year with varied approaches to late September. There are still weather hints of the warmer seasons yet coolness predominates. The dark blue glass … Continue reading

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Some Fun With UV

There’s a vintage Ingersoll alarm clock on a shelf in the bedroom that is so old the luminescent dial markings do not glow more than a couple of minutes after being charged up with a flashlight. I like the style … Continue reading

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Some Sketchy Sketches

Somehow, a notebook full of pencil drawings of car designs has come up missing from my file cabinet. I wanted Jorge’s opinion on the original automotive styling and designs I had composed during my teens. A lot of work and … Continue reading

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Trial Designs …Floral Friday

Consciously or not, most of us practice trial and error quite often in our lives.  We cannot expand our visions or skills without trying out new approaches.  I try to keep that statement in mind as I start every day.  … Continue reading

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March Experimentation …Floral Friday

Some of the best things of life are spontaneous. Sure, it’s good to have goals and plans for major aspects of living, but there is a lot to be said for creative impulses, too. Life is too short not to … Continue reading

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Small, Medium, Large …Floral Friday

I was in the mood for contemporary design this week, so that urge is reflected in the three offerings today.  While studying the selected the containers, I realized that I had lined them up on the counter in order of … Continue reading

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