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Try Something Else

We go through certain stages or times in our lives when circumstance requires us to rebuild aspects of our lifestyle or even start all over again from scratch. Although we don’t always choose when these times will occur, we do … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is Leif Erikson Day and I’m setting aside a bit of time to remember the vagabond Norwegian explorer. Arguably, Erikson and his band stumbled upon America nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus did. I use the word “discover” in … Continue reading

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There were no such places as Antarctica or Australia. Perhaps half of North America did not exist. That is, none of them existed in the mind of the French mapmaker who drew the antique map I pondered. I noted that … Continue reading

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Thinking About Exploration

One of my favorite quotes from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is, “Kids should be allowed to break stuff more often. That’s a consequence of exploration. Exploration is what you do when you don’t know what you’re doing.” What he’s saying … Continue reading

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So Much Buzz About Comfort Zones

The greatly maligned comfort zone has been presented as a pariah mindset for as long as I can remember. Hundreds of business and self-improvement writers have extolled the virtues of stepping outside of our comfort zones because they believe doing … Continue reading

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Zheng He’s First Voyage

I venture to guess that most people in the United States don’t know who Zheng He was.  Due to our country’s dominant Eurocentric culture, we are usually only taught about the exploration of the world as it happened by explorers … Continue reading

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