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The Ambivert Geek?

Before I settled upon the name “bluejayblog” in 2011 I had considered naming the blog “The Ambivert Geek?”. The reasoning behind the name was that I’m neither an extrovert nor an introvert so ambivert is a good fit. Also, I … Continue reading

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Am I Introverted?

There probably aren’t pure extroverts nor pure introverts. In my opinion, our personalities fall along a sliding scale between the two classifications. By my non-professional reckoning, we are ambiverts who function along a spectrum to varying degrees, according to social … Continue reading

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Introverts’ Week

If your personality has strong elements of introversion you may already have known this has been National Introverts’ Week. Being an introvert used to be something that introverts have been in the closets about. However, during the past few years, … Continue reading

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