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The feelings we enjoy when finishing a difficult task or reaching a goal are happy and joyful. They increase and solidify our evaluations of self-worth and personal strength. Perhaps you have graduated from school, or have received a promotion at … Continue reading

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We hate to fail. There’s a lot to unpack in that four-letter word. Of course we hate failing at something, we get physical responses like a pit in the stomach and blushing. We may receive social ridicule. There may be … Continue reading

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Whenever I make a big flub, I feel my face flush into a blush. My face and forehead become so warm that my eyeglasses steam over. A knot in the gut tempts me to believe I betrayed myself. I begin … Continue reading

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The last thing we want to hear after suffering a severe setback is that the failure is “a blessing in disguise”. Although the statement may be true most of the time, sometimes, it isn’t. A nation undergoing a revolution might … Continue reading

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It’s difficult to trust someone who claims they never fail. This is because everyone fails at something at some period in their lives. Visualize babies. They repeatedly fail as they grow and develop. Babies are not afraid to fail because … Continue reading

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An especially severe ice storm covered every exposed outdoor surface with a thick coating of slipperyness one day last month.  It happened on the day of the week that I normally drive out of town. It only took one look … Continue reading

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