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To Be Fair

One of the first interpersonal impulses we feel as children is the necessity of fairness–especially as it applies to ourselves. The matter of justice is strong in other species, too. People who have more than one dog have observed that … Continue reading

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We do not have to buy into other people’s expectations and dreams, nor must we play god to other people. We can be assertive in pursuit of our own goals without being arrogant and deceitful as we go about our … Continue reading

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In Dialogue

Today’s post about dialogue dovetails with yesterday’s meanderings about civility. This is because civility is largely dependent upon fair, honest communication. In discussions about social norms, policy, and so on, all affected parties need to have a say and to … Continue reading

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Golden Rule (OpEd)

There used to be a small department store in downtown Norfolk, Nebraska called the Golden Rule. Their advertising slogan was “We Serve You Right”. The slogan was a perfect fit for the store’s name. Unfortunately, the small Golden Rule chain … Continue reading

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I love those tiny “Shambhala Pocket Classics” books. I keep a mini-library of them on a shelf in my nightstand. Last night I was having trouble dropping off to sleep, so I picked up the miniature copy of The Dhammapada, … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Sportsmanship

A couple of weeks ago, I stayed up to watch an Interleague baseball game between San Francisco and Oakland.  My Giants had just returned from a triumphant road tour and were back at AT&T Park.  It was at home that … Continue reading

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