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A Wet Year

I like to completely detail and wax the ol’ Camry at least once each year. I prefer to do this during dry spells so I can enjoy the look of a pristine car finish for at least a week; two … Continue reading

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Jack Of All Trades

My friend Jonathan asked who my superhero is. Did I look up to a character like Superman, Spiderman, or Batman? I jokingly said Robin. Then I quickly added that my real favorite superhero is MacGyver. MacGyver gives dignity to the … Continue reading

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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies (Review)

I don’t know why this book was displayed in the “New Books” section at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library. The copyright is listed as 2012. I found it next to the new books about caring for cats. I placed Raising … Continue reading

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Farm City Week

Some of my most enduring, favorite memories involve childhood visits to the farm of my maternal grandparents.  They had a tidy, efficient place near Tilden, Nebraska.  I still remember tagging along with grandpa while he took care of the hogs … Continue reading

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There is a lot more to the legends of the old American West than cowboys and indians.  In fact, the less glamorous side of the pioneer history of the United States is the development of America’s main food growing regions. … Continue reading

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