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The sky was a pure, turquoise blue except where the Sun ruled the eternal dome. A soybean field that spread out over several acres, completed the visual effects. A chorus of meadowlarks trilled to provide the soundtrack for the composition. … Continue reading

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The New Age writer and lecturer Stuart Wilde once advised his audience to walk in the rain in one’s best clothing without a topcoat or an umbrella. I heard this on one of his cassette tape audio books–perhaps  it’s on Life … Continue reading

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This Is Sorghum Month

Some of my boyhood memories include the visits to my maternal grandparents’ farm near Tilden, Nebraska.  Once in awhile, my dad and I accompanied grandpa in his Chevy sedan. The hot, dusty afternoons were spent observing the neighbors’ fields of … Continue reading

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There is a lot more to the legends of the old American West than cowboys and indians.  In fact, the less glamorous side of the pioneer history of the United States is the development of America’s main food growing regions. … Continue reading

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