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Remembering The Holocaust

In the presence of oppression and tyranny, by not speaking out, we lose our innocence and morality. At no time in history was this statement more true than during the nightmare of the Holocaust. “The sad and horrible conclusion is … Continue reading

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Cooperative Efforts

“There are billions of people on this little planet of ours–isn’t it miraculous that we haven’t blown ourselves up already?” That’s what my friend Jonathan asked after the radio newscast ended and the station’s music resumed. “I mean there are … Continue reading

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How Fascism Works (Review)

Many voters and political observers have noticed an ever-expanding trend of authoritarianism in the United States and in several other nations. Several of these observers have drawn parallels between the current state of affairs and the rise of fascism and … Continue reading

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A Few Reflections About The Holocaust

That there are still Nazis, Klan followers, and vast numbers of people who deeply hate humans of various categories is almost as disturbing as the Holocaust. This indicates that humanity as a whole does not or refuses to learn the … Continue reading

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Afraid Of Being Unneeded

To anyone paying attention to current events, we have noticed a harsh, exclusionary trend sweeping across much of the West recently.  Misguided opinion makers are taking advantage of social changes to fuel jingoism and anti-immigrant sentiments for political advantage.  The … Continue reading

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Siam To Thailand

Many of us imagine the land of Siam as an exotic, almost fairytale-like land of mystery.  The modern version of that image is fueled by Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical “The King and I” and its film version.  The American version of … Continue reading

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The Ideal

“Ideals are like the stars: we never reach them, but like the mariners of the sea, we chart our course by them.”–Carl Schurz A great many of us look up to or attempt to govern their lives by keeping high … Continue reading

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